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New GTM addition to existing mesh

Hi Folks,


I am intending to add couple of GTMs to our existing topology.. I did some research and seems the easiest way to do so is by using the gtm_add command.. Is there any video available on the internet which explains this process in detail (I tried but was unable to locate one).. Also, if anyone here can guide me as to what are the precautions that one should take before this activity, it would be really helpful..


Any other info/guidance would be really appreciated.. As always, thanks in advance







gtm_add is indeed the way to do this. (It's a bit strange that this has to be done via CLI - not sure why there's still not a GUI button for this 😉


Some things to look out for;

  • Backups of both sides... you never know! 😉
  • Check that both systems are running the same software version and NTP.
  • Add the system that you are about to add to the existing GTM infrastructure. (Under DNS - GSLB - Servers) This will ensure that the GTM's know where they are logically located.
  • Run gtm_add from the NEW system - it pulls in the configuration from the existing member you connect to. If you run this from an existing GTM, you will end up with a nice empty config...
  • Once the services are finished restarting, check that the new GTM now contains the same GSLB config and that it's showing as green in the old GTM system
  • Note that some elements are NOT synced (such as DNS listeners)


You can also find more details here:


Hope this helps.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thanks Jason & AlexBCT ! This does help..