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Migration Gateway IP address




I am currently planning to migrate the standard gateway for various backend networks from an existing router to our BIGIP cluster. Since we work with static IP addresses on the backend servers, the gateway IP address has to be transferred to the BIGIP cluster. On the F5 cluster there is already a non-Flooting IP and a Flooting IP configured for current communication on the VLAN. 


Now I want to exchange the IP addresses on the BIGIP with the local and virtual IP of the router.

I have seen that I can additionally configure several non-flooting and floating IP addresses on the VLAN from the same subnet.


I would therefore set the interfaces on the router to shutdown and transfer the virtual and local IP addresses to the BIGIP. Then remove the temporary IP addresses from the same subnet from the BIGIP.


Would this be a possibility?





i don't see why not, as long a you keep one local IP active you are fine.


things like SNAT will behave differently and perhaps pick another IP (highest / lowest, i always forget), same with health checks that come from other IP after change.


so make sure you think everything through.