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Migrate from existing IP Listener GTM to a new one


Hello everyone,


I want to ask couple of questions related to migration of IP listener GTM from existing to a new one.

The existing configuration is:

  1. 1 IP listener
  2. Wide ips of several domains
  3. several virtual server that serves as NAT from IP Public to IP private(these virtual server also as a pool member of wide ip at point number 2.)

The question is :

  1. what is the configuration or assessments should i consider on first start?
  2. is there any impact to do this migration? (especially on application services that currently running).
  3. is there any downtime caused by doing this migration?
  4. How to determine which IP listener to use? (should i create a new self/floating IP using new subnet or just using the same subnet with the existing IP listener)


Thank You for your answer and stay safe.