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Microsoft TMG to F5 migration


This is a sanity check as I'm not very familiar with MS TMG. I'm creating a simply reverse proxy on an upstream LTM, (there is a downstream LTM with the iApp for Exchange 2010 already configured). I see the following settings: (see picture below if it shows)

  1. "Forward the original host header instead of the actual one (Specified in the Internal site name field)"
  2. Proxy requests to publish site: Requests appear to come from the Forefront TMG computer


Point number 2 is simply SNAT. But point number 1 was on a rule for Autodiscover and EWS. From my understanding there is nothing I need to do on the F5 to mirror that setting because the F5 is going to forward the client's request as-is anyway (from a layer 7 perspective). is there anything I'm missing or overlooking? I believe that setting specific for when ISA server is acting as a proxy.











The setting: Forward the original host header instead of the actual one (specified in the Internal site name field) checkbox:

Allow you to preserve header send from client (HTTP Get/POST) to backend server.


For example, if you want to preserve the host header that the client sent in its request ( and don’t want that TMG change the host header with backend hostname (

On f5 this is done automatically, you don’t need to set any settings for that. I think that's the way you understood it.



second point regardless of your question. I advise you to use the IAPP exchange which is very well done.

except for a specific exception you do not necessarily need to help you with the TMG configuration to deploy exchange on F5 is pretty standard