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Management Interface Traffic




how can i use the management interface for application traffic.




No you can't. It is not possible to access pools and nodes via the management interface.

i've already configured the configuration of 1nic on azure, the interface is used for both management and application traffic. i added additional interface on the new configuration and i want to use the management interface for app1 the second interface for app2.

Ok, in Azure the setup is different then on hardware. A TMM interface is also used to manage the device.

Why did you add an extra interface??

i want to add another web server, i tried the sni feature but it didnt work, so i added a new interface but in the network settings the mgmt interface is not shown, so i want to configure it as a traffic interface.

You do not need to add an extra interface. On VM level in Azure you need to add a secondary ip address to the NIC. This is the IP address of your second Virtual server.

then i use the SNI ? i tried the SNI before but it didnt work.

Nope, you will have an ip address per virtual server.