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LTM vs Link Controller


Hi all,

customer need to balancing outbound traffic between two ISPs; furthermore, in the event of a fault, it should provide for an automatic failover to the remaining active link.

No inbound LB is required.

Based on these requirements, the idea was to use only the LTM module but I would like to know what are the main differences in functionality compared to LC.


For istance, if I'm not wrong, is not possible to configure link object on LTM; what is the alternative that allow the LTM to monitor a destination on the other side of the link? Transparent?


Another istance, LTM can do rate shaping or Topology-based routing like LC?


So, is there a comparative table of the two products and, definitively, LTM could replace LC?


Thank you in advance for any support.





F5 Employee
F5 Employee

F5 doesn't sell a Link Controller product anymore

For your functionality, you would just have a virtual server of type performance layer 4, like this: listening for all traffic, then have the 2 next hop routers in a pool.

You can create a monitor to monitor anything beyond the next hop, then assign it as a transparent monitor.

LTM supports Bandwidth Control