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LTM - UCS Restore Error


Hi All,

I hope you all are doing well.  I wanted to run by a quick scenario for restoring a configuration using a UCS File. 


Let's say I have an F5 BIG-IP box running 12.1.5.x version with a UCS configuration saved while at this version. 


I downgraded (to 12.1.3.x) the device and during the process, it lost its configuration. I tried the workaround listed here ( to restore the configuration but was unsuccessful. 


Error info:  Extracting manifest: /var/local/ucs/F5-PRI-12-1-5-July19-10-00.ucs ERROR: UCS version( is newer than system's( Not supported - exit installation. Operation aborted. 


Is there a way to restore the config or do I have to build it from scratch? Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Hello Harsh,


How did you lost your configuration? Did you selected install configuration NO?


ucs file generated on 12.1.5.x can't be restore on version 12.1.3.x. You need to have ucs file taken when system was on 121.3.x. Here i can suggest one option. If you still have 12.1.5.x installed on the other boot location. Boot F5 from it and select install configuration NO. So when F5 gets booted, system will have all the configuration running on version 12.1.5.x.

Then again you can try to downgrade to target version with selecting install configuration YES.


Hope it works for you!


Yes, I did select "NO" for install configuration as there were no changes made from the time of import to installation/updating boot location.


I was trying to downgrade the device to test some functionality and did not have any UCS saved.

In case of F5 downgrade, you may have to manually do the configuration unless you have ucs file that was generated on the version to which you are downgrading. Now in your case, you do not have UCS file. So you may need to do configuration manually.


Also i think in your case, install configuration 'YES' option will not help you as it has only condition that the version of the boot location which is going to activate must be equal or greater than the version of the current boot location which is active before downgrade.

In your case, this condition is also not fulfilling as current running version (12.1.5.x) is lower than target version (12.1.3.x). If you still try to activate it by selecting install configuration ‘YES’, the activation will fail. Earlier I did not saw it properly that your target version is lower than currently running version.


Below articles will give you more clarity on this.