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LTM HA pair, how to gracefully switch active/standby nodes


I apologize because i know this is a super simple question but i cant seem to find out how to do it. I have two LTMs in an active/standby HA pair. I would like to gracefully switch which LTM is active vs standby. I have found command line


tmsh run /sys failover standby


However I have not been able to find out how to do this in the GUI. I assume there has to be a way of doing this via gui?


Thank you



These are the procedures we use:


To Fail over Viprions

  1. Go to the Active F5 in the pair 
  2. Click on the Cluster Enabled Segment 
  3. Once on the Device Management Screen, Highlight the your traffic group field 
  4. Then press the Force to Standby button 


Failing Over F5s 


To Fail over 

  1. Go to the Active F5 in the pair 
  2. Click on the ONLINE (ACTIVE) Segment (TOP left corner)
  3. Then press the Force to Standby button 


Ok thank you I did see that option in the console however i also saw this article which gave me pause.


Appreciate the confirmation


Above article was applicable​ to the specific version. Please see affected versions. And Version 13.1.0 and later, Force to standby and HA group feature works fine.

If your F5 environment is on affected version then use FORCE ​OFFLINE instead of FORCE to Standby.

Hope it helps!