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load balance using http methods


We have 1 read/write node and two Read-only nodes, so we want all the Get http requests to be distributed equally in them and all other requests like POST, Patch, Delete to be forwarded to read/write node 


Example :-

Node1 : R/W " it will receives Get , Post,Patch,Delete "

Node2 : Read-only "it will receives Get Requests only "

Node3 : Read-only "it will receives Get Requests only "


Thank you in advance


Hi Ahmed,

Can you try this iRule?

	if { [HTTP::method] ne "GET" } {
		node node1ip port
	# GET requests are forwarded to the default pool. No need to use else statement.

Thank you for your reply .

Kindly when i use this iRule that's mean Node1 will not receives GET requests but it can receives " Post, Patch, Delete" requests  and F5 BIG-IP will continue Load balance GET Requests to Node2 and Node3 ? Please advice

Kindly when i try to deploy iRule it shown me an error


You must add } (closing brace) to row 5.


With this irule, ALL methods will forwarded to node1, only GET requests will forwarded to node2 and node3.

Thank you i will try it 🙂