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Irule to set a pool on the basis of value in X-forwarded-for


Hi ,

I am setting up something, in which the requirement is I need to decide a pool on the basis of ip listed in X-forwarded-for header in the http request.

For this I configured 3 data group list named test_ipranges_1 , test_ipranges_2 & test_ipranges_3. But when i am writing the irule, it is giving me error, can someone help me out with this. Below is the code that i have written:



   if { class match -value [HTTP::header "X-forwarded-for"] equals test_ipranges_1 } {

     pool pool1

   } elseif { class match -value [HTTP::header "X-forwarded-for"] equals test_ipranges_2 } {

     pool pool2

   } elseif { class match -value [HTTP::header "X-forwarded-for"] equals test_ipranges_3 } {

     pool pool3

   } else {

   pool default




F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi Yogeshtaneja, i would probably change your code to something like this.


when HTTP_REQUEST { if { [HTTP::header values "X-Forwarded-For"] ne "" } { set clientip [getfield [HTTP::header X-Forwarded-For] "," 1] # set the variable ONLY if an X-FORWARDED-FOR header is there catch { # doing a catch to control any errors linked to the code if { [class match $clientip equals test_ipranges_1] } { pool pool1 } elseif { [class match $clientip equals test_ipranges_2] } { pool pool2 } elseif { [class match $clientip equals test_ipranges_3] } { pool pool3 } else { pool default } } } pool default # in case the X-Fowarded-For was not properly set # or the catch provided an error }

To be honest, i would have done this slightly differently, by putting in the datagroup, multiple entries of IPs (so in a way, merging your 3 datagroups into 1 here), and adding in the value, the pool you target. So in that case, you do a single check, and if it exists, you retrieve the destination pool in a variable and use pool $variable as the selected pool