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Immediate go to Client_CLOSED during the middle of irule



I have multiple irule running in order within VS 1.irule ... 2.irule ... close_connection.irul

My problem is , if I want to , say, when in 2.irule or any irule....

If  {some condition = true} {





And I have close_connection.irul at the end to unset variables

 if { [info exists sni_n] } {
    unset sni_n

Will this achieve what I want?

When I have TCP::CLOSE. will BIGIP still run/process 


No because you dont need to close connections. Whats the main objective here? Why are you trying to unset variables? If its important to unset variables for your application then use a prefix for ones you need to unset.

An application with seven vars needs to unset four of them. These vars use an underscore prefix so they are _var1 _var2 _var3 _var4 _var5 so the following one line command can be used to unset them. 

unset [info vars _*]

If they are not always defined add -nocomplain to the unset command to prevent it logging errors.
Info is a very useful command - Tcl - info (n) (

Hello Kevin,

-> No because you dont need to close connections. Whats the main objective here? 

I am using these in the irule when detecting HTTP 404, 503 and 504

    event disable all

I now understand that "  event disable all" is what I need, because, when I have those HTTP status responds, I don't want the rest of the irule to be process, also, because I already use "HTTP::respond"  to respond the "error message".

The only problem left here is should I really use the TCP::close when I have  "event disable all" after, I guess it is need so that It can release the memory afterward.

Thanks for your explaination.