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How does the SSL Orchestrator deal with explicit Proxy traffic arriving on port 8080.




Let's say that I have an LTM standard virtual server listening on port 8080, which is load balancing members of a pool of Proxy Servers. i.e. from a user perspective the virtual server is the Proxy server "Explicit Browser Setup".


Let's also say that we wanted to utilise the SSL Orchestrator to deal with http datagrams arriving on port 8080, to distinguish those that are encapsulating clear text http datagrams from those encapsulating encrypted https datagrams. My questions here are:


  1. Do I need to use some sort of a service profile to point the virtual server above in the direction of an SSL Orchestrator service chain?
  2. How does the SSL Orchestrator decrypt https traffic encapsulated in an http datagram, which arrives on port 8080. Does it remove the encapsulation then decrypt the SSL encrypted payload?
  3. How does the SSL Orchestrator deal with clear text http traffic encapsulated in an http datagram, which arrives on port 8080.
  4. I guess the pool members of the above virtual server must be listening on port 80, right?





There is a article about this "Define your outbound proxy scheme settings to support Transparent, Explicit, or Transparent and Explicit proxy modes.", just check it out:


Thank you Nikoolay. I don't see an option to choose your answer as the best one.

It should be in the upper right corner I think, where you edit or delete your own comments but under mine.