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Hello Team,

I have to change the self-ip address of HA can you please share the steps without any production impact


Azad Ali M


Hi Azad,

  • Change the standby device status to "Force Offline".
  • If the Sync Type of the Device Group is not manual, select it "Manual with incremental sync".
  • Remove the floating IP addresses on forced offline device.
  • Change the ConfigSync, Failover Network, and Mirror IP addresses on both devices.
  • Confirm that HA has reconnect.
  • Sync the configuration of the active device to the forced offline device.
  • To release the device from its forced offline state, select "Release Offline".


I have to change the self-IP address for the both active and standby device after i change standby device the same procedure can be followed for active device once standby device become online can you please confirm on this


If you don't change the standby device status to forced offline, the devices will be active-active for a while. In active-active, there will be interruption.

Okay, after self-ip change to standby device. it is should be offline. then we have to change to active device once self-ip changed on both devices we have to bring to online standby device am i right ?

If you change the self-ip, the device will not go offline.
On the standby device, you must apply "Force Offline" from the "Device Management ›› Devices ›› standbyhostname(self)" menu.
After the changes, you must "Release Offline" from the same menu.

We have to shut it down for both device i mean 1st finished for standby then release offline and go to active device set to force offline do the same procedure am i right ? 

You only need to do it on standby device.

Can you follow the steps in the first answer?

Yes, I gone through steps 

but the ip address need to be changed on the both devices thats is stil confusion 

I think I misunderstood the question.
You want to change the self ip addresses, not the IP addresses in the HA configuration?
If the IP addresses to be changed are not used for HA, you can add non-floating self IP addresses on both devices and delete the olds.

The question is correct, i may explained in different way. active and standby device using public IP on the both HA-Self IP ok.  we want to change the both HA self-ip 

have gone through the your first post. i can change HA self IP address secondary box. Also i want to change to the HA self-ip address of Active box.  because i have to set to force offline and change it the HA-self IP address box then click release offlince. i have to do the same procedure for active BOX