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GTM forwarded selection based on client IP.



We have our GTM devices answering queries for the domain names configured on those devices. However, the domain names that are not configured on the GTM, the GTM simply forwards it to the internal DNS servers.


Now, we have a cluster of DNS servers internally. i.e. cluster01, cluster02 etc.

As of today we only have cluster01 configured on the GTM.


My request is GTM should do forwarding to these DNS forwarding based on the incoming source IP.

i.e. if the source IP is /24 forward the query to cluster01, if the source IP is forward that to cluster02, if the source IP is forward that to cluster03.


However, the GTM should still resolve the IP's for the domain names that are configured on the GTM.


Any help?


much thanks,



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

You can easily add an iRule to the listener to send to whichever pool or server you wish

when DNS_REQUEST { if { [ IP::addr [IP::client_addr]/32 equals] } { pool xyz } }