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GLB Return Nothing on Down


Hello! I have a GLB entry that has 1 pool and the pool has 2 members. Currently, if both pool members are down, it returns both answers. I'm looking to have it return nothing when down. Is this a feature that is possible? I thought of setting return code on failure but didn't know if that was the best method, or if there is a preferred method.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


1.It seems to me that you are matching the "Return to DNS" load balancing default fallback method.



2.You can see the available methods here and you may test "Drop Packet":



3.You may also leave "Return to DNS" unde the Wide IP and attach a modified DNS profile under your listener with "Unhandled Query Actions" set to Reject or other action you like (read about this) and with Use BIND Server on BIG-IP disabled just in case even if it shouldn't be needed to be dissable.




Have you solved your issue? Also if needed enable wide-ip logging to see how the wider ip handles the DNS request and if the "Return to DNS" load balancing method is triggered.