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get big-ip edge client version from apm logs


Hi everybody ?


I would like to get the big-ip edge client version from the apm logs, Does it possible ? I turned on the debug lvl and check the apm logs but I didn't get the big-ip edge client version on the user-agent header.







are you sure it isn't there? i checked and i can see it on my system, it isn't the three digit one but the longer four times four digits.

An option is to test log the variables session.client.app_id and session.client.app_version to the APM log with the Logging Agent action in the access policy:



But I have not tested this myself to log those exact variables, so keep that in mind.



checked both on a tmos 14 system, first says edge, second says none.


there is a session.client.version also, which is 2.0.


seems like the host header still seems the best way.


thank you for comment, yes I m sure the version doesn't appear, I get -> Version: none

Updating client info - Hostname: XXXX Type: edge Version: none Platform: Win10 CPU: WOW64 UI Mode: Standalone Javascript Support: 1 ActiveX Support: 1 Plugin Support: 0 Model: Platform Version: Serial Number: IMEI:

So I need to add the variables sessions session.client.app_id or session.client.app_version to get the version ?


Try with session.client.app_version or session.client.version as boneyard said to see what you get. Also you may open a TAC case to ask why the F5 Edge Client version is not in the HTTP headers. I found only this bug in the bug tracker:


Thank you it's work perfectly with the iRule, strange that I need to set the user-agent Header with an iRule.



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi all,


Do you have any idea to get apmclient version number when F5VPN via browser?

I got version number when a user uses EdgeClient directly but can't when browser logon.



Musami you need to check the APM operations guide the section programmability (I recommend reading the full guide) and see the available variables with sessiondump and use what you need as with the Edge Client, the info is in the HTTP headers as boneyard said and also in the APM session variables as they are made by information in the HTTP headers or the payload.



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