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Full config dump


Hi What is the best command to run to capture the entire config into a text file? The device is a BigIP and has multiple partitions and ASM firewall. I am not wanting to use it for a backup, but instead using it as a quick reference in notepad so I can crlt+f to find things rather than via the GUI.


show running-config seems to need to be run under each partition separately, and I am not sure if that captures everything, is there an easier way?




Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee

You might try producing an SCF backup of the configuration. Check out this AskF5 article entitled: K13408: Overview of single configuration files (11.x - 15.x) It shows you how to create an SCF using TMSH, as well as what is and is not included in the SCF.



There's couple of config export codes in codeshare, also why not use grep or awk on the config file itself to find your desired detail.​