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FQDN Ephemeral Nodes using Mgt Interface


Hi all,


I have a problem and was hoping someone out there could advise on.


We have an AWS ALB's we want to forward traffic to from our Big IP's. We are using a FQDN in a pool that is resolving the two IP's in AWS and places these two node as ephemeral nodes in the pool which is fine.


We have notice however that the traffic for the monitor and also the load balancing traffic is also going via the Mgt interface of the Big IP.


We have multiple Route domains and ideally what we need to for the monitor traffic and the data traffic going to pool members to go out the interfaces on the correct interfaces on that route domain(2) and not the Mgt interface.


any help would be greatly appreciated.




F5 Employee
F5 Employee

K29925900: FQDN nodes in non-default route domains is not supported.


Other customers have used irules to dynamically resolve FQDNs and statically assign a route domain:


FQDN Node with Route Domains