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Forcing data group to process matches in a specific order


Hi All,


I have a data group with the purpose of matching the incoming URI(data group key) and passing the traffic to a specific pool(data group value.) I have some URI's that overlap and am wondering if there is a way to have the data group process a match in a specific order? It would seem everytime I update the data group using the API, it auto organizes it into alphabetic order. My hope was I could use a more specific URI(as the key) higher in the list and a less specific lower, but it will not allow me to do this. Do you know of a way to force the data group to both be updated and processed for matches in a specific order.



Internal data groups are store in alphabetical order. But you can change your match to use stats_with which will then do longest match against uris. So it will match /thing1/thing2 over /thing1/ if it is defined

Thanks. This appears to be the direction I am having to go. I think I am going to try to do an exact "equals" match, and if that fails do the "startswith" as you recommended.