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F5OS AD Integration


I'm not usually the person that sets up the AD integration on our hosts.  The person that normally configures it took one look at the new F5OS (1.4) and, well, I won't repeat their comment here.  I figured how hard can it be.  I think I'm reasonably smart and can follow instructions.  I used to think I was resonably smart.  Now I'm not so sure.  I've configured authentication settings and server groups.  Users is still only an option for local.   


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Leav97 - can you please give more detail around your experience or problems you came across? I'm not seeing a question to answer, or specific feedback I can bring to the product team. 


How do I add an AD group for admin access?


I've walked through the documentation several times.  I have yet to find any information on how to add an AD group to admin access.

@Leav97 I am far from an Active Directory expert, but my understanding is that you have to have an AD group created with a GroupID of 9000 for F5OS admin users. Something like this inside AD:


# Define some security groups
new-adgroup -name "f5os_admins"    -GroupCategory Security -GroupScope Global -OtherAttributes @{'gidNumber'=9000}
new-adgroup -name "f5os_operators" -GroupCategory Security -GroupScope Global -OtherAttributes @{'gidNumber'=9001}
new-adgroup -name "f5os_users"     -GroupCategory Security -GroupScope Global -OtherAttributes @{'gidNumber'=9002}
new-adgroup -name "f5os_limited"   -GroupCategory Security -GroupScope Global -OtherAttributes @{'gidNumber'=9999}
Is your question more on how to configure the AD side of things, or how to configure the F5OS side? Is there a specifc area where the docs are not clear or need more context on the F5OS side?