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As F5 internal engineers, we work with the technologies and complexities created by the interconnected requirements and configurations of our customers deployments.  In doing so, we gain knowledge and insight into the eco systems that F5 products live in and learn from the people that support them.

Using GIT and Markdown

As F5 has advanced we’ve realized that the previous F5 Network Operations Guides were no longer capable of keeping up with the changes to modern network infrastructure and complex configurations deployed by its users. In response, the F5 engineering teams have begun to utilize GIT and Markdown to enable the F5 community of subject matter experts in all roles to contribute and collaborate. 

Because of this shift, we able to grow the F5 Cloud Docs portal with engineer focused content like the new F5OS Technical Reference Material.


F5OS Technical Reference Material

The F5OS Technical Reference Materials provides an overview of features, systems , and configuration elements in F5's underlying operating system F5OS that runs on F5 appliance and F5 chassis platforms enabled with a microservices platform layer.    

F5OS requires a specific verions depending on the F5 platfrom:

  • Utilize the F5OS-A  section for the F5 rSeries appliance platforms.
  • Utilize the F5OS-C  section for the the F5 VELOS chassis platforms. 

F5 is commited to having feature parity between F5OS versions and does not require a specific platform to utilize non-hardware configurations. 


We’re driven to keep up to date information at everyone fingertips. The new GIT and Markdown powered documentation will be one of the many tools utilized to keep you informed and operational.

Updated Mar 07, 2023
Version 2.0

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