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f5fpc on linux and IPv6



we are just evaluating BIG-IP vpn right now.

On windows, mac and android clients connections seem to be successful with IPv6, but on linux I am having troubles here.

Using the browser plugin and f5fpc are showing the same faulty problem:

The client says that it got an IPv6 adress, but the OS does not see it.

ip a only shows the IPv4 adress (which we do not use, we are using IPv6 only), when trying to add an IP manually I am getting permission denied (I suppose f5fpc is locking the tun interface).

Does anyone know the problem? If I can add more information, please let me know.

Best regards and thanks in advance,




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @otto2704 - I'm sorry I missed this when you posted it, and that nobody has replied yet. I've shared this internally, and someone should come by with an answer soon! 

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Per K23653432: BIG-IP APM client feature matrix, VPN with IPv6 on Linux is supported on most features. Please refer to the 'General settings' table for more information. This may require further troubleshooting with F5 Support. For now, please ensure you're testing with the latest BIG-IP versions and apm clients version with a basic (created from the wizard with minimal customizations) Network access configurations. Do you observe any error messages in the /var/log/apm file on the BIG-IP APM and client side log files ($HOME/.F5Networks/*) per K00984153: Troubleshooting issues with the BIG-IP APM Linux f5fpc client? Can you also try replacing the ipv6 address with a host name (adding an appropriate entry in the /etc/hosts file)?