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F5 SSLO topology lookup


Hello all

I have SSL orchestrator that's configured with many topologies, and it's real hard when issue comes up with a specific traffic flow to match it to the correct topology to reveiw the settings for that topology. Is there a way to do somesort of matching lookup where I put the src, dst addresses and vlans and it gives me the matching topology ?


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

I'm not aware of any built-in solutions to query BIG-IP with this information and obtain an answer. You could list out the virtual servers programatically with TMSH (tmsh list ltm virtual one-line all-properties) and write some script to match the source/destination/port/vlan using the rules defined here:

For SSLO, all the virtual servers for the topologies that accept input traffic will have an "In-t4" designation, you can read about this here: