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F5 Software Upgrade

Hi All,


I am doing my first ever upgrade on the F5 .. Have couple of doubts which I am sure you all would be able to clear 🙂


So I have a HA pair (01 & 02) and below is which what I have decided;


Upgrade 02 (standby) and then force 01 to become standby.. Once done, upgrade 01 (now standby) and post the upgrade make it active.. Once both are upgraded check if they are in sync or not..


The doubt which I am having is, when I upgrade the standby and it comes up with the new image, though the unit would show disconnected (version mismatch) but the HA function would still function, right ? I would still be able to force over the active unit to standby, correct ? Please advise.


Any other idea / suggestions would be really appreciated






F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Yes, after you perform the upgrade, you will still have HA functionality.

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

If you need a walkthrough for extra support, I wrote a LinkedIn article.



Thanks Shaun ! This does help a lot !


I would recommend doing a License "Re-activate" before doing the upgrade to be sure your license support the new version. Just go to "System / License" and click re-activate and follow the instructions.

Noted Henric ! Thanks for the advise !



I would recommend additional few steps to perform before upgrade –


1.     Check if enough disk space is available on active & standby units.

2.     Verify integrity of running configuration. If system is giving errors post verification, you need to correct it before proceeding with the upgrade.

3.     Verify the integrity of the downloaded software images using the MD5 checksum utility.