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F5 GTM Pool


Good day to all,


I have a relatively simple question (I hope). I would like to give a scenario. We have two LTMs in different data centers with 2 virtual servers configured at each data center (one of them is listening over port 80 and the other 443. We want to introduce global availability at the GTM level and create an FQDN with one pool. With in the pool, we have a pool member representing DC1 and another representing DC2. If both pool members are configured using service port 443, my understanding is that if a query comes in through the GTM over Port 80 OR 443, this setup will still function as it should and deliver the correct results (the VIP at the LTM level which matches the port number). A separate pool or pool members representing port 80 is not required at the GTM level, correct? Just looking for some confirmation on such a scenario.


Thank you



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

GTM is a DNS server, so resolution requests to the GTM do not even include the port - just the fully qualified domain name, which then returns an IP address.


Depending on your use case, you may still want your pool to contain the port 80 virtuals, to cover some situations.


But if you want your GTM responses to only be dependent on the state of the https virtuals, then only include them in the pool - http requests will only go to the servers marked up by the https status.