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F5 APM and Remote Desktop Gateway

I'm having a weird issue with RDG and APM currently single sign on works internally and externally however when we try to launch any app externally it is saying unable to connect to the remote desktop gateway internally this works perfectly. Even weirder when I just load balance the RDG servers without APM everything works fine externally/internally which makes me think there is no firewall issue. Right now we have a VIP with APM and SSO is configured as below:



Partition / PathCommon

SSO MethodForms

Credentials Source


Username Source session.sso.token.last.username

Password Source session.sso.token.last.password

SSO Method Configuration


Start URI /RDWeb/Pages/en-US/login.aspx


Pass Through Enable


Form Method                  POST                                                         

Form Action


Form Parameter For User Name DomainUserName

Form Parameter For Password UserPass


Hidden Form Parameters/ValuesSuccessful Logon Detection Match Type                                                                   


                          By Resulting Redirect URL                                               

                          By Presence Of Specific String In Cookie                                                         

Successful Logon Detection Match Value




Were you ever able to find the answer to your issue? I imagine you saw a new session appear with each "click" of the RDS resource when using the external context. When you increased logging, did you see the SSO failures?

our problem was we needed an RDS server facing the internet to get this to work, this wasnt approved so we went forward with 2FA through AWS.