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F5 and WSUS


Here is my question, we have web servers (over 80) in our F5 load balancers and use a WSUS server for updates. Currently, we manually take a web server out of the load balancer, install the updates from WSUS, restart the web server as necessary, and finally place the web server back in the F5 load balancer. This manual updating is very time consuming. Does anyone know the easiest way to automate this process. Have WSUS take the web server out of the load balancer, install updates, restart, and place back in load balancer for production. We would obviously schedule the web servers to update in this fashion at different intervals in order to minimize the loss of production web servers during updating. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




sounds like some form of automating using iControl towards to F5. there are many examples of parts of this, but i doubt you will get a fully functional example for exactly your environment.


a simpler solution might be to use a health monitor that polls a specific website you alter just before you start an upgrade process so the big-ip won't send traffic there anymore.