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EUD login while booting from USB thumb


Hi guys


I have a 6900 which has failed quite seriously. I think it could be the RAID card but impossible to know.

When booting i'm directly sent to grub prompt.

Trying a clean install from USB doesn't work (drives are not seen)

I've downloaded and put on USB thumb the EUD iso file, it starts but then I'm asked for a login/password

and I have no clue what it could be. I've tried "maintenance" and no password as suggested for some Viprion but no success here



Loading LVM support...

Loading MD/RAID driver...

Loading USB mass storage support...


INIT: Entering runlevel: 2



i386  Linux 11.x.x (kernel 2.6.18-prep-F5-11.x.x) Fri May 31 14:57:03 PDT 2013


host login: root


Login incorrect


login: root

Password: Login timed out


i386  Linux 11.x.x (kernel 2.6.18-prep-F5-11.x.x) Fri May 31 14:57:03 PDT 2013



If someone would help that would be awesome (unfortunately i don't a support contract anymore)



Well these can become so complicated. First I'd advise you to recover your root password.

I see you are on 6900, so i assume, you probably would be OS below 13.x.


To recover root password, use the single arm mode method and reset your password.

Then with the help of root password, you can further explore and build your box fresh.