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Essential App Protect source IP ranges

F5 Employee
F5 Employee


I have setup an app in Essential App Protect and want to restrict my firewall to only allow traffic from the F5 Cloud Services instance.

What are the IPs/Ranges that I need to use?


I have tried the ones published for DNS but it looks like IP's outside of those ranges are hitting the firewall.




F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hi Guy,


My name is Ziv Saar and I am the product manager for Essential App Protect.


Excellent question!

We are just about to post a solution about this issue by next week to our clouddocs site.

I can either update on this thread or reach out to you directly with the details (let me know what would work better).







Hi Ziv,

I'm wondering what those ranges are too. I believe they are documented now so I'll share it for anyone that comes across this thread.


Essential App Protect:


DNS LB (for health monitors) :


Ziv if you have any updates to the above let me know, but this is what I can find documented.

Exactly ... that's where you can find the IP ranges.

We will also have an API call in the service to get those IPs, currently in the roadmap