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Enforce bigip to read /etc/host as DNS


how to enforce bigip v 15, 16, 17 to read from /etc/host for apm DNS?



pthis K article indicates a way to edit it, so i assume it does consult it. with the exception mentioned in there.

do you have another experience? do you have any DNS forwarders setup?

Hi boneyard

i have already edit /etc/host but still, waf does not read host file. The other option is dns server, but i have an issue with that server that's why i tried local host

have you edited /etc/host by hand or via the commands from the article?

can you explain where you want to use the entry from the host file? i can give it a try and see if it works for me.

Hi ,

i have edit it using gui and i checked the host file using cli and my recordwas there.

i wana use it with APM , to allow apm to find the public ip of domain name.

where in APM? as a host in the authentication, for clients who connect via SSLVPN, for links on the webtop, ...?

there is quite some places that can use hostnames, not all will look at /etc/host i expect. so please share your situation in more detail.