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Emails alert configuration


I just want to ask if it is possible to configure email alerts regarding CPU usage, Memory usage, and Power Supply temperature. that when the status like Memory usage and CPU usage reached the 75% of it storage it will send an email alert. Also the Power supply temperature that when is reached the 50% temperature it will also send an email alert.

How to make it work, that when it was trigger it will send an email?

What should be the email alert format to configure and OIDs to used to for it?


Maybe use iCall to generate an alarm in /var/log/ltm and then you can use SNMP, SMTP etc.


Also just pooling the SNMP OID from an SNMP manager that will generate the email but do not renember the exact OID but for CPU/Memory F5 probably is using the general ones that work for most devices and vendors:


Oh here is for CPU/memory and Power as F5 made articles for this. Nice!



Also with BIG-IQ it will be much easier to do this:


Click on the Mail/SMS Alert Preferences node to define when and how email alerts should be sent. The right panel will change to display a wide array of options,

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