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Downgrade F5 TMOS from 13.1.3 to 13.1.1


Hello Everyone:

I recently upgrade TMOS from 11.5.3 to 13.1.3 on a blade 2100

Due to a bug identified by F5 support where blade 2100 causes issues with 13.1.3, the recommendation is to downgrade from 13.1.3 to 13.1.1.

My understanding is that downgrade does not copy the config automatically and manual steps are required to copy the config over.

Has anyone done downgrade to earlier version which was not previously installed, what the steps and commands ?


Thanks in advance



Do you still have 11.5.3 in a partition? You could go back to that then install 13.11 then boot into it from 11.5.3.


And if you don't have a 11.5.3 partition, you should have UCS backup from before you performed upgrade. So you can install 11.5.3 version, restore configuration from UCS and then upgrade to 13.1.1.


There is a command cpcfg which you can use to copy configuration from one boot location to another, but one of the restrictions is that version of the target boot location must be the same or later than the version of the source boot location. So it cannot be used for downgrading.


If you don't have UCS file, you have to manually rebuild the configuration. One option came to my mind rigth now. But I have never tried it myself. If you have a cluster with two nodes, you can break it into two standalone boxes, downgrade one and cluster it again and try to synchronize the configuration and then upgrade the second box.