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Does LTM VE Trial Edition 10.1.0 support HA




I am trying to trial HA on a pair of LTM Virtual Editions (from and there is conflicting info on whether HA is supported. The README says no, but a "b version" on the trial shows differently:





Linux 2.6.18-164.2.1.el5.1.0.f5app




BIG-IP Version 10.1.0 3341.1084


Final Edition



Enabled Features:




Active Active








I am able to set up HA (network failover, VA's don't have serial failover) and config sync is working, but when I tell the active unit to fail over, it goes into standby mode, but the stand by unit wont go active.



I can see the Network heartbeat traffic on both nodes with a TCPDUMP (port 1026) but the failover just wont work...



I am trying to test the VA's ability to do Network Mirroring for Stateful TCP failover and I jsut can't seem to get it working...



Can anyone advise if they have managed to get this working and whether it will work with the Trial editions?



Thank you in advance






F5 Employee
F5 Employee

i tested it long time ago. anyway, i did not do connection mirroring but manual failover (i.e. b fo standby) worked fine.



anyway, if you want to test ha, i think you had better use production image and request evaluation license from F5 SE.


We tried this with the trial edition of 11.1 (not 10.1...) and had a few problems but I don't recall the specifics. They went away with the evaluation license as nitass suggests.


HA works as expected, failover with even multiple traffic groups works. Connection and persistence mirroring also work just as with a physical unit.


If the devices would be for non-production traffic, a LAB license is worth considering.