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D2 Main memory and SWAP memory above 80% in F5


As part of F5 health check - one issue observed is "D2 Main memory and SWAP memory showing above 80%".

Please let me know will there be any impact due to this, also how to reduce these memory usage.



Hi @Preet_pk , 
Maybe you configure multipule Modules as nominal in your Bigip against SWAP allocated memory , 
I will send some Linkes explain F5 memory high utilization in general  and SWAP memory as well : >>> For Swap memory
this is an old enquiry for SWAP memory as well
you will find in this Link another 3 links shows F5 memory overview for more comprehensive and SWAP memory issues 

Hope you find it useful. 

Mohamed Kansoh

F5 Employee
F5 Employee

If you using the API on F5 this can also happen from time to time and if you have more traffic than the system can handle it can enter memory leakage state from what I have seen.