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Cross Platform Migration using different modules.

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Configuration: HA PAIR of 2 3600's (LTM and ASM) running 11.2.x


Can the configurations, ( UCS Files ) from the 3600's be migrated/ ( Configuration files moved) onto 2 4000's which only run LTM. Also Can a 3rd member be added at a Disaster Recovery site as a sync only member.


First question: Is this doable? 2nd question: Are there any Solution articles documenting this? 3rd question: Could we go the SCF route?



  1. A qualified yes. But you may need to manually remove the ASM config entries.
  2. Yes, you can add a 3rd member at a DR site. But you can't vary between sync-failover and sync-only in the same traffic group... What I've done is add the DR site member(s) and then use HAGroups with gateway monitoring to ensure that the DR unit ONLY goes active when the DR is enabled...

I'm not aware of any soln articles that explicitly talk about this. And yes, you probably could go the SCF route. However I like to use times like these as an excellent way to cleanup the configs, so listing the config and then building it from scratch again (Using a script obviously) is usually my favourite method.


F5 Employee
F5 Employee

i agree with Hamish i.e. i do not think sync-only device group is what you are looking for. it does not contain failover object. so, i think you have to add 3rd bigip to device-group but make it active only when 1st and 2nd bigip are down.


About Sync-Only device groups