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Citrix XenDesktop


Hello, i'm trying to publish XenDesktop on internet through F5 DMZ

I used the citrix_vdi.v2.4.6 Iapps with proxy ICA traffic and replace Citrix web interface with Big-IP and following deployment guide...but i've an issue


It's created APM + full webtop + Remote Desktop application (the destination of the remote desktop is the LAN VS where users access to go on their VM


But when i'm trying to access the VS, i got theses errors:

notice vdi[16936]: 01490000: {5e.S.024dde1a} XML Broker '/Common/' returned HTTP error: HttpResponse[HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found]

err vdi[16936]: 01490000: {5e.S.024dde1a} Remote Desktop '/Common/': failed to handle '/f5vdi/citrix/resource': AsyncError:5 'InvalidData'




Hello, finally it's working, I used SSL server side on Citrix Dekstop app, and someone just said me it's http...

Just one question about Citrix Detection on the webtop:

I got this message even when I've the citrix receiver installed and each time I need to click SKIP and after launch the ICA "You do not seem to have a Citrix client. Click Download to download and install it or Skip to skip this dialog."


I'm on version, I tried to use citrix bundle to defaut and also to modify the variable citrixInstallerClass.g_AlwaysSkip to true in /var/sam/www/webtop/public/include/js/vdi/installer.js

Thanks for help