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Can F5 do API redirect?


Hello Experts,


I need your suggestion on a situation I have in hand.

My customer is moving it's environment from Akana to Mulesoft. Current mode of operation is :-


FW ==> F5 ==> Akana Servers (Web+API gateway) ==> backend application servers 


The exisiting path is and many more paths)(This is in Akana) and new path is and many more paths)(This is in Mulesoft). Customer don't want to change calling path i.e. on their end but still want to redirect the API calls to new path

I knwo F5 can handle and redirect/rewrite path based on HTTP/HTTPs traffic but can it redirect API traffic also?


Looking for your kind suggestion.




Have you seen F5 APM Api protection profile that ca asign differen servers based on the URL/URI or NGINX as nginx+ is an API gateway that can even translate between API protocols? Also the F5 distributed Cloud handles and control the flow of application and API traffic between services, to the internet, and from clients on the internet.



For Kubernetes the F5 distributed cloud and the NGINX can be your Ingress Controllers but F5 XC is better if you want something simple that is cotrolled by a cloud managed console as it is basically SDN system while with NGINX you will have more control but also more responsibility. Also if you need protocol translations like HTTP to RPC  you will need to check with F5 if the F5 XC can do the same things NGINX API Gateway can as this is something NGINX is best at. For on-prem virtual ESXI or hardware appliance F5 BIG-IP is the king.







F5 XC/Distributed Cloud: