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block traffic from outside to inside


Hello Dears

I had setup Vriutal server the Servers in vriutal server can access to anything in network ( from inside to outside ) while from outside to inside it's not enable to reach them on their private IP


could anyone help me plz.





Hi MustphaBassim,

So i think you can create virtual server type forwarding IP and allow just vlan Internal for go to outside, This's setup all traffic from external cannot access to internal

I hope this information will help you 

hello dear and thnx for reply

the Vritual server setting is standered one and for protocol i had put Protocol is all traffic permited



So i think, You can select internal vlan on option VLAN and Tunnel Traffic within virtual server for allow just vlan internal go to outside and all traffic cannot hit this virtual server




1.pngHello dear

i am made it as show but still no access to internal server from outside and also i lost the web service for virtaul server but the ping is avabile on it and also take in mind any server in vlan 21 and out of virtaul server is also not able to ping them ( which they are not in vrirtual server)

Which service port and protocol type on virtual server ?, You have to set all for allow all traffic

as show in screenshoot it's all ports and all service but also there is somthing wrong the servers that are out of vritual server is also unreachable from outside1.png

I would like to confirm the objective, Do you want to allow network from inside to outside destination ?

i want from outside to inside , let me explain more detials
i had setup vlan 21 (gateway IP)  which is contain many VMs

0.3 and 0.4 are in virtual sever . 0.5 is out of it . from the 0.3 , 0.4 and 0.5 to outside it's working fine and reach everthing but from outside to them it's not reachable (using their real ip)

What sever IP in inside that you want to access from outside