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BigIP DNS Log queries




We have GTM only licensed VM

And we'd like to log all the queries to either the local system to remote syslog

But neither ways are working

Not sure if this matters but I'd like to mention that we're using GTM as cache forwarded zone, and if no domain match there then it falls to the default pool attached to the listener

So back to logging, we tried two ways:

  • local-db--publisher , but not sure where to find all queries logs?...
  • remote hsl to to kiwi server but also there no logs been sent

I simply what to see queries logs ... how should i accomplish this task?


Community Manager
Community Manager

this is more detail than you are looking for, but should help get your logging established:

Thank you Jason

I actually managed to solve logging to syslog its working fine here

but why when I choose local-db-publisher I then can't find the logs?

where are those log stored when choosing 'local-db-publisher' ?