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APM webtop + portal access DNS error



we use v14 with partitioned environment, each partition has own route domain with strict isolation enabled. We have APM with webtop and few links in it. One of them is a portal access which points to server IP address. We cannot use FQDN as APM uses system DNS and we cannot use system DNS for customer environment.

Anyway, since we use IP address as a resource item it should be OK, but is not, user access to portal access fails at "DNS lookup error. The requested server does not exist.".  Using hostfile does not help, it is ignored by APM. What are the options to fix it?



Hi, well DNS resolver helped us already in some other cases, but APM doesn't seem to support DNS resolver.

What about using F5 XC DNS Load Balancer SAAS service  or if the DNS server is internal a VM with F5 DNS/GTM module (do not provision the DNS module on the same F5 device where the APM is located as it won't work) can be used as when the APM contacts the F5 DNS that is configured as a system dns it can give different ip addresses based on the source ip address and many more options like that?


Achieving split DNS behavior through BIG-IP DNS wide IPs (

How to use F5 Distributed Cloud DNS Load Balanacer with GSLB Geo-Proximity

It's not that straightforward, we cannot just add DNS F5 as it has some cost + basically the rule stays the same, we cannot use system to get to any DNS 😞

Can you explain what you are trying to do?
DNS resolver is only needed if the f5 needs to resolve an address.

In most of the use cases i've done on apm its finding the f5, and url links which is more client/web browser side above the f5 deployment.