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APM Radius based MFA with NPS and Azure AD Microsoft Authenticator App


We are using F5 APM for fist factor authentication with AD authentication and second factor authentication with Microsoft NPS / Microsoft authenticator App. When F5 send radius second factor authentication request to the NPS services for MFA with Microsoft Authenticator App. F5 APM initiated radius MFA request and it is working. However, there is no indication or message shows in the F5 login page that the F5 is waiting for response from user with the Microsoft Authenticator app MFA access approval. It is not a good end user's user experience. How can we add a message box (with out OK button) or other message to the users to take action for the MFA request on the Mobile Authenticator app.


It works for SMS, it show a message that enter the SMS response. But for Microsoft mobile authentication app, there is no indication to the users that F5 is waiting for the response from the user for MFA request.


Any suggestion, recommendation.





For Microsoft you are using push notification and the user does not need to type anything in the login page but just to confirm by phone with one click? You can play with the Message Box action to inform the users before the radius auth that they will need to use their microsoft mfa.




You may also see the example below for the duo auth and modify it for your microsoft auth.


We are not using duo. It is has java plugin JS code to include into the APM code. We are using Microsoft MFA which does have any plugin code for APM. The message box will not work, because it require users response (bad user experience).