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APM Local user database authentication decrypt errors


Hello All,

I use the local use database authentication in APM for a few policies and I have noticed in the logs I see this error tons.  

Master Decrypt failed for user %localdatabaseuser% with error ''

Note it lists which local database user but I have seen this will all of the handfull of local database users I am using since the backend application dosen't intergrate with AD.  

It doesn't seem to be causing any issues just filling up my apm logs so would like to get it to stop if that is possible.

Any ideas?  

I am on versoin



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @Nolan_Jensen  - I see you're still waiting on an answer, so I've passed this thread on to a colleague and asked for their help. 

Legacy Employee
Legacy Employee

And just for reference and maybe you've already checked it but here is the Manual Chapter about Local User Database:


Thanks, yes I used this to set this up way back when, just looking to figure out why the decrypt errors in the APM logs. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Nolan_Jensen - one of my security solution architect colleagues said that this is a "cosmetic log message issue," and that you'll need to contact F5 Support for this one. 

thank you so much for confirming that.  I was going to start there but wanted to do that as a last resort.  Thanks again!