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APM - daily "All Sessions" report automation

Hi community,

I am trying to automatically generate a daily APM report of "All Sessions", restrict by time "1 day". Using BIG-IP is not an option.
My guess is, I could use this API endpoint, but I have no idea how: 
Did anybody successfully do something like this or similar?



Hi @425588,

Authentication and Programming I have, API endpoint I know.
I am struggling to construct a valid query for this API endpoint. I am looking for a working example that would give me the report.


Hey @Daniel_Wolf  - that user was an SEO spammer who probably used ChatGPT or something like it to come up with their reply before adding a link to something completely unrelated, so I nuked their account and comment.

I knew it. But since the machines will take over sooner or later anyway, I wanted to be polite. Maybe they will spare me. 🙂

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hey @Daniel_Wolf  - not sure if these are right, but is any of this helpful?

How I did it - "Remote Logging with the F5 XC Global Log Receiver and Sumo Logic"
Access Reporting and Statistics 

Manual Chapter : Logging and Reporting 

If not, I can ping the author of the article in the first link or see if I can find someone else internally. 

Hi @Leslie_Hubertus,
thanks for sharing those links. Current solution is an iRule logging every successful authentication to HSL and then to build some Remote Logging fancy dashboard / report thingie.
Thanks for passing it on internally 🙂
Kind regards,

Hello @Daniel_Wolf I do not know if this will help as currenly I am not wotking so much it APM but I had similar need for asm related reports some time ago, so you can see if this will work for you(I used the CLI to see what parameters I should use, hope you have the same success):

Dos l7 report via IControl Rest Api - DevCentral (


Other than that you my try to run the report from the cli with something like "create apm report xxx" with a API bash command like the example here as I also needed this but not for APM:

Running BASH commands via REST API - DevCentral (



Still if an APM guru can help like Leslie mentioned it will be nice.




Hey @Nikoolayy1,
the first link looks promising, I will try to figure out if I can build a working API call with those hints. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Matt_Dierick may be able to help with this, since you're in EMEA.