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APM customization templates and DUO


I've been tasked with implementing 2 factor authentication, our team has picked DUO to start the process. There is a DUO/f5 implementation guide that works well, easy. One of the services where we need to use DUO is OWA, issue there is I have a customized login page (using customization templates) the DUO setup is built for the default APM login page.


Is there someone that can help translate the duo setup to a customized page? Duo makes 2 changes with advanced customization. 1. Change after the last insert ' target="_blank" rel="nofollow">">;


  1. change Click the item and locate the following line in the Advanced Customization Editor (around line 592):

Edit that line with the additional tag shown below and click Save:


The customized login page doesn't have the above line, nor does it use the same credentials table at all.


How can I call the duo Iframe with the customized page?