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Ansible - Defining a Prober Pool


Hi Forum!


The folks who write these ansible modules do a great job, but I am in a place were there are gaps - specifically where I can't seem to create a prober pool in ansible in order to bypass iquery via an LTM to make a keepalive pass to a generic server so I can return DNS from a GTM to clients. So basically I can deploy a new wide IP,everything is amazing 🙂 , but I need to configure the prober pool first, and (*eugh!*) manually... 😞


It looks wrong doing this, it feels wrong doing this. I want to maintain all scripts in git and execute this in an idempotent manner. I want to get the process right, create concise docs and execute future changes with the same precision, to make a 30 minute job a 30 second job - then hand it off to automation altogether.


The grown ups have already told me off for writing my own code, so any ideas with regard to this? A sensible approach in my own mind is to align a basic configuration task under a single scripting language or configuration tool to make it easier to maintain, and assemble into a pipeline. So ansible seems, well, less attractive after a test.


Any thoughts?