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Allow dev team to change iRule status remotely using f5-control or postman


We currently have f5-control static web page that allows our dev team to check pool member status as well as place site into maintenance mode. During our promotional sales, we have an iRule in place to redirect traffic to a different pool when the site connections exceed a specific number. The iRule has a simple 0/1 for on/off and like below, when it is "set GK_active 1" it will intercept traffic and redirect, when it is "set GK_active 0" it will not.




 set GK_active 0"



I would like to be able to give a couple memebers of the dev team access to change the state of this iRule but not sure of the best method without allowing them to log in with full access to the F5 via gui or tmsh. It would be nice if there was a way to accomplish this using a script via postman or adding it as an option in the f5-control static web page. 



The web page was setup prior to me joining the team, I haven't found any option to show and allow iRules there only pool memebers and status' of virtual servers. 



Would love to get some feedback of some ideas to do this, we do not currently have BIG-IQ for management either, only managing directly from the F5's. 



Thank you in advance!!!!