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All existing iApp templates (like http for example) are deprecated in Big-IP 15.1.0...


...which leads me to think that deploying iApps using these templates is "old school", and you should start doing it in another way. Coming from Big-IP 13.X, I see a lot of new stuff mentioning LX this and that, so maybe that's the way to do it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find an article about this. Also, reading a bit about LX: it more seems like an extra option, not a replacement.


Release notes from 15.1 just say that the templates are deprecated, no reason or links to the preferred alternatives.


Kind regards



F5 Employee
F5 Employee

Hello Vincent,


This partial iApp template deprecation (partial because it doesn't include security-focused iApp templates) is part of a larger initiative which will be communicated externally in the next few weeks.


Please note "deprecated" does NOT mean customers can no longer use these, nor that they are unsupported.


We will deprecate a subset of TCL-based iApp templates—by moving them to a similarly labeled section in the BIG-IP 15.1 GUI—and provide customers with a consistent, modern cross-platform user experience that includes declarative APIs, modern development languages, and tight third-party ecosystem integrations.


To summarize, we are building out a cross-platform successor to TCL-based iApps templates built on top of our declarative APIs.


We will provide more information on this successor and availability timelines shortly.


Are you an F5er, or an external customer?



Kevin (PM - Automation & Orchestration)





Ok thank you for your clarification.


I'm what you call an external customer I guess, just an enthousiastic Big-IP user 😉

Hi Vincent,


Just to follow up on this in case you hadn't seen - this support article has information on the new F5 Application Services Templates (FAST):

Thanks for the info, this clarifies it a bit more.

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for some clarification in this case.

And also thank you for the K13422.


I'm working every week onsite for a enterprise customer here which was using iApps more and more, they even test iApps and do internal release-cycle of the F5 iApps.


Also since version 13 I think there is a feature called guided-configuration which another customer is extensively using.


And today I hear the first time from FAST here.


Can F5 please clarify what the future will be of the different config templates like iApps, guided-configuration and FAST?

The customer's are asking me about this and I cannot find any official statement about this except K13422.


Thank you