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About TMOS versions


Hello community,


I would like to know your experiences about TMOS versions installed in production BIGIPs. Currently most of my customers are running TMOS and we have had a very good experience. We try to migrate to but we did not have a good experience. I know that is already released and version 15 is also pretty mature, we have used it for production but in VE editions. However, I would like to know your experiences and recommendations regarding this topic.


I appreciate your feedback.


Best regards,


Hello Fabian,

We had a lot of problems with asm signature updates in v14.1.2.x and we install Engineering Hotfix on our customers. The bug fixed in

I encountered fewer problems in v15.1.x. We use v15 for new installations.

Hello eea thanks for your feedback I appreciate it! And question, you've migrated from v13 to v15 without going through 14v? Or starts with new installations directly on v15 and works good?



Yes, we direct upgraded from v13 to v15. 

You should be careful for iRules, when upgrade to v14.1.x or later.

Hello again eaa, thanks alot for your answer.


Best regards,


Suggest you to generate the qkview and upload in ihealth. It will give some idea...