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We live in an app-defined world. Businesses run on applications and it is critical that applications are accessible on any device, everywhere in the world. At F5, we recognise the importance of this. This is why we are delighted that F5 has been named Application Delivery Controller Vendor of the Year by Frost & Sullivan, for the sixth consecutive year. I’m glad F5 has continued to exceed expectations of our users and partners. This award is a testimony of our promise to them to invest in R&D and undertake continuous development. 0151T000003d6CuQAI.jpg As it grows, the application environment is becoming more complex. Aside from residing in a data centre, applications exist in the cloud and on mobile devices. Today, millions of apps define the way we work and play. The ability to deliver these applications smoothly to users —both on premise as well as mobile users — greatly impacts employee productivity as well as customer experience.

This evolving environment demands increasingly intelligent solutions. And this is where F5 fits in. Having been a player in the application delivery field for decades, F5 understands the complexities of managing and securing applications. In fact, F5 delivers enterprise apps for numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Last year, F5 announced its new architectural vision, F5 Synthesis, which promotes the delivery and orchestration of software defined application throughout data center, cloud, and hybrid environments. Powered by a high performance intelligent fabric, F5 Synthesis promises customers rapid and cost effective delivery of application services at any time.

The world runs on applications. And apps should just work. In other words, they should always be available, accessible from anywhere and any device, protected from security threats and perform without fail. F5 promises to leave no application behind.

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