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Forum post highlights:

@jwckauman wanted to know why some clients wouldn't pick up a new renewed certificate, and @CA_Valli  dropped some knowledge

@T5C asked how to make sure that vGuest in standby won't go active during migration to another blade unit  and @JRahm had the easy fix at hand

@kend gave a good description of their issue configuring LTM without SNAT and maintain the original source IP and @Kevin_Stewart@CA_Valli, and @Mayur_Sutare all showed up to help

Unanswered questions:

@ExN-JTGJr is having difficulty with logging in to an application after applying datasafe profile 

@hosting-team wants to know if  the source IPs of a DoS attack logged on the F5 anywhere?

Notable solutions:

Tooootally not a solution, but since @LiefZimmerman is on PTO for the next week, this seems like a great opportunity to ask if anyone wants to photoshop him into a meme or two

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